Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Motivation breeds Rejuvenation.

Usually February is the month of blah. Utah winter has drawn on too long, Valentines comes and I am once again alone and it’s the month before my birthday so I really put my life in perspective and realize I gotta grow up. Last year to cure the February blues Elyse and I spent a weekend in St. George at the Hervey’s vacation home and it did the trick. We finished the entire third season of friends in one day and took at least 3 bubble baths each. It was pure bliss. And then near the end of the month my pops came into town and I received my patriarchal blessing.

As February 2011 as been fast approaching, I am realizing that 1)A weekend at the Hervey house is impossible… burned that bridge.. and 2) My dad coming into town for the most spiritual experience of my life with a little snowboarding on the side is even more impossible. So I am left to me and my own motivation to make this month not blah..

Its time to get going and get motivated.

HELLO FEBRUARY 2011, I welcome you with open arms..