Friday, November 11, 2011

maybe i should be honest for once.

I miss my father, everyday of my life I try to fill the pit in my stomach with peppercinis and other spicy food, but this pit can never be filled.

The pit was smallest when I was seeing Garth Brooks.

If I can't make 3 pointers in a basketball game, I feel I am rendered useless.

I love Justin Bieber and I think if my father was around he would give me a heartfelt lecture and I would take down half of my posters..

I am subconsciously TERRIFIED of marriage, because I am looking for a man that is of the same Caliber of Rod Dial and they don't exist.

If I don't have children by 30, I will adopt. No matter what my marital status is.

I need to read my scriptures more. I need to not be so antsy in church.

I need to be a better friend. More of a friend like lpd.

I avoid problems.I NEVER answer an 512 or 801 phone numbers..

I constantly miss when emd and I lived together.

I have secrets I tell absolutely nobody.


I think rmj knew this about me, but I am the WORST at writing missionaries. Ask RBDII, Patrick, Bubby, BH the list goes on. If I was better at writing missionaries, I would probably be married by now. THAT is beside the point though..

I miss this little darling so much. And more importantly than that, I am so proud of her. She has been my bffe since I was 13 years old and I adore her more than life. She is stubborn, my father called her argumentative. She got lost a LOT when she first got her license. We were crafty together. We love Hillary Duff. We loved rainbows, we were boy crazy and super active in church activities. We grew up together, we grew apart and back together. And I know that no matter where my life takes me, she will always be a part of it.

Here's to you rachey and how much i love you.

grateful friday.

Ten things to be grateful for in no particular order:
1. Garth Brooks radio and just Garth in general
2. intramurals
3. trw
4. Christmas decorations
5. emd buying a car
6. my big brother
7. my drizzys
8. the plan of salvation
9. seven.eleven hot chocolate
10. my father