Thursday, April 28, 2011

blame it all on my roots

Saw this last night with the Walker Clan (minus>>KEVRAH!)

So amazing. so INSPIRING. I finished the movie thinking>>I NEED to own this. Already have the soundtrack. Life changing. Tim McGraw+Grizzly Adams Beard= PERFECTION. He is a great singer/songwriter/actor. Gwyneth Paltrow: WOW. She is gorgeous. Have the movie she is Au Natural and its so real and she is so pretty. The other half she is all dolled up and equally as pretty. She is a HOT-MESS the whole time, but she is real. Garrett Hedlund's deep voice is what I want to listen to each night before I drift to sleep. Leighton Meester's teeth are weird, but she played the part of Chiles well.

I want to meet a COWBOY. I want to live in a small town and round my cattle up in the summers and play in the creek with my kids.

MORE MORE MORE MOVIE TALK:: When I was in Texas 2 weekends ago, Emd, Broom, A million little girls and me went and saw Soul Surfer.

i LOVE this picture it is at the premiere of Soul Surfer it is the actual Bethanny Hamilton and then Annasophia Robb Who played her in the movie. They are actually good friends now!

I have such great respect for Bethanny Hamilton. I CANNOT wait till that movie comes out. I will buy it without an OUNCE of hesitation. The 2.5 weeks I spent in Hawaii almost 3 years ago, were amazing.

I am going to TEXAS today. I couldn't be more excited.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

all in the family

We have started taking on alternate identities as Walkers...
Kyria is Of COURSE >> Nora
Courtney loves Justin and is therefore >> Rebecca
Larsy is the cute blonde housewife also known as >> Kitty
Jeff is her perfect Politician(Bank Teller) husband >> Robert

Ashton needs to choose an identity STAT!

We will from here on out drink out of plastic wine glasses always.

Netflix: I both love and hate you.
Brothers and Sisters: I adore you. You changed my life.

squeaker bum bum.

This little munchkin is moving to Utah in the fall. And I could NOT be more excited. I don't even really want to get an apartment because I will be snuggling with her in her bed at LEAST 4 nights a week (:

nostalgia for thursday.

I miss MEXICO. I always miss Mexico. I miss the very first trip my family took there, when Rodney and Elyse both had "work or school" and so it was just my parents, the younger kids and me. (I was at the time still in high school and not 18, so they had control to take me out of the country) At the time it was a lot of Nikka and me complaining about missing America and getting food poisoning. But it was honestly the most fun trip ever. It was like my last SHA BANG with just my family that lived at home.

I miss being home in the summer. And getting money from mom to take the boys to Schlotzsky's and driving around listening to Lil Wayne per the children's request.

I miss Henri. I am on the verge of discontinuing my avid following of emd's blog because in every post I see exactly 2 things: she should write a book and at any point she could drop Sir Henri at the pound without thinking twice. But he is our family and we have lost enough family for now. He needs her.

I miss my wifey. There is a degree of missing that hurts, but you get used too. I get used to missing my dad and my family and Bronwen, because my mind is programmed to be away from them for the past 3 years, but with Ashton I see her everyday until I don't anymore and I wasn't prepared for that.

I miss Intramural Basketball. Good gosh playing with the Drizzy's, I had the time of my life.

I miss..
Summer 2008 (but DONT tell elyse)
Senior year
Living in MC
Ho Chi Men
Wake surfing
Early morning bball
The list goes on...
And at the top is always my Hero, my Pops, my everything (: