Monday, October 3, 2011

babygirl, tryna get a man, etc.

In the summer, elyse had some photos taken for her most recent beau. to profess her love or sumthinn. It was a gorgeous Sunday afternoon and cute Kristin Duke made me jump in for some pictures.

Elyse and I were obsessed with the fourth picture of me. We joked that we were gonna send it to every boy who I had EVER had a crush on and see what responses we got. Though I love elyse to death she NEVER gave me these photos so the ONLY way I can get them is to post them to my blog from her comp right now...

Summer in Texas was BLISS.

this was the professionals pose para mi

engagement status<3

we fly HIGH, no lie, you know this BALLLLLinnnn

this is the one to get me a beau

to say she is my best friend is an understatement. she is so much more

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