Friday, November 11, 2011

maybe i should be honest for once.

I miss my father, everyday of my life I try to fill the pit in my stomach with peppercinis and other spicy food, but this pit can never be filled.

The pit was smallest when I was seeing Garth Brooks.

If I can't make 3 pointers in a basketball game, I feel I am rendered useless.

I love Justin Bieber and I think if my father was around he would give me a heartfelt lecture and I would take down half of my posters..

I am subconsciously TERRIFIED of marriage, because I am looking for a man that is of the same Caliber of Rod Dial and they don't exist.

If I don't have children by 30, I will adopt. No matter what my marital status is.

I need to read my scriptures more. I need to not be so antsy in church.

I need to be a better friend. More of a friend like lpd.

I avoid problems.I NEVER answer an 512 or 801 phone numbers..

I constantly miss when emd and I lived together.

I have secrets I tell absolutely nobody.

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